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Monthly Reductions


Current update June 16th:   items will not take an automatic 30% markdown

Items will not take an automatic 3 month markdown. We are doing this to be fair to our consigners who have not been able to sell their items for these past three months. Therefore, the date on the tag will not reflect the proper markdown time.

For example, if an item came in on Jan. 16th it would only have two markdowns not 5.

If it came in on March 16th (the last day it we were open) it won’t
take its first markdown until July 16th.

Another interesting  feature of shopping at The Treasure Mart is the MONTHLY price reduction on ALL items priced at $5.00 or more.These items are tagged with a bar-coded ticket stamped with a date at the top center. A 10% discount is issued automatically every month from the date on the ticket. An item that has been in the store for a month from the date is 10% off, 2 months 20% off, 3 months 30%, etc. The discount is always computed from the original price, and no bar-coded items are ever reduced below $2.00. Also, miscellaneous items of $4.00 or less, which are identified with a sticker only, are not subject to the monthly reduction.

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