The Treasure Mart

new friends and treasures found every day


Do I need an appointment to bring my items?  YES! You always need an appointment to bring any items to us. Please call 734.662.9887 to schedule and appointment.

How many items can I bring? What and how much we take is at our discretion at any time. Generally, we have a 50 item limit on small (non-furniture items)but that can change at any time. How much furniture we take varies and depends on available space in the store.

What is your commission fee?  Our annual membership fee is $25. Your account will automatically renew if you still have items for sale at the end of your year. As long as you have items for sale in our store, you need a current account. If you do not want to renew your account, it is your responsibility to come and retrieve your items. Our commission fee ranges from 35% to 50%.  If you bring your items to us:  Items priced at $5 and higher start at a 35% commission fee.  Items priced at $4 or less start at a 50% commission fee.  If we pick-up your items:   Items priced at $5 and up start at a 40% commission and items priced at $4 and under are 50%. (there is also a $50 surcharge for the truck)  All items in our store convert to a 50% commission rate after they have been here 4 months.

Can I (or do I have to) take my items back?  You may take back your items at any time.  You will have to find your things in the store and bring them to the office to sign them out.  We reserve the right to dispose of items at any time at our discretion.  We will only call you about picking up your items if they are expensive, such as fine jewelry or furniture.  Otherwise, they get donated, recycled or thrown away when we feel they cannot be sold.

How are the items priced?  We are happy to price all of your items for you.  We base our prices on the current market for your item at The Treasure Mart.  Our goal is to price your things fairly and have them sell within the first 30 days.  Of course, this doesn’t always happen, and items will take markdowns every month that they are here.  Please tell us if you have a price in mind so we can discuss the price before you leave.

How long does it take for things to get onto the floor for sale?  It depends on how much research is neededMost things will get put out into the store the same day.  Sometimes, when we have something expensive or rare, it might take a few days to research its value.

How do I prepare my items for sale?  All of your things must be in clean and good condition.  All electrical/mechanical item must be in working condition. If you have furniture you would like to sell, please email images to


  CJ McG wrote @

We love treasure mart. We became antiquers very modestly, and increased with knowledge & time. Its a great way to find endearing gifts. It was also a great place to find household furnishings & accessories as newlyweds!

  Ronald Baskin wrote @

This looks like an interesting place. I have a carpet and floor store in Ann Arbor I also carry some household items that I may take here to get sold.

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