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Appraisals and Estate Sales

The Treasure Mart offers appraisals for insurance and estate purposes.  Our fee is $45 per hour.  Please call the office at:  734.662.9887 for more information.

Occasionally, we conduct estate sales on site when there are enough items to make it worthwhile for the consignor and for The Treasure Mart.  If you are interested in the possiblity of an estate sale, please call our office at 734.662.9887.


Delivery / Pick-Ups

Deliveries – We will deliver furniture purchased at The Treasure Mart within a radius of Ann Arbor with a delivery fee of $50. Please schedule this at the time of your purchase. The delivery fee of $50 plus $1 per mile one-way outside the city limits, for this service.

Pickups – There is a $50 surcharge for a pick-up within the City of Ann Arbor. For a reasonable radius outside the city, we will add a mileage fee for a pick-up of $1 per mile one-way. The driver will collect this fee at the time of the pick-up in cash or a check, along with the membership fee if applied. For all items we pick-up, The Treasure Mart will take 40% of the sales prices. (If you bring items in yourself, we take 35%.).

Consignment Procedures and Policies


Please call 734.662.9887

The Treasure Mart is a consignment shop.  To sell through us you will need a membership, which costs $25.00 per year. Your account will automatically renew if you still have items for sale at the end of your year. As long as you have items for sale in our store, you need a current account. If you do not want to renew your account, it is your responsibility to come and retrieve your items that have not sold.  As a member you will receive 65% of the selling price on merchandise brought in to the store by yourself and 60% of the selling price less a $50.00 surcharge on merchandise picked up by us.  Mileage is charged on out-of-town  pick-ups.  You will receive 50% of the selling price on miscellaneous items priced $4.00 or less.  Also, you will receive 50% of all items that have been here for 4 months or longer. If you have furniture, please show us images of what you have, either by bringing in pictures or by emailing images to us at

We also make appraisals and Conduct Estate Sales

When you bring items in and open your membership we will assign you a permanent confidential ID number.  Please make a note of this number, as you will need it each time you check in.  You will be given self- adhesive stickers with your ID number to mark each one of your items.  We have special methods for marking jewelry, rugs, and cloth.  You must also fill out an inventory/ pricing sheet with each check-in.  This register remains with your merchandise until everything is priced and is kept by us.  We will sticker and list all items picked up by our truck.  Always tell us if you have price concerns on any of your items before you leave.


We are glad to have your suggested selling prices, however we reserve the right to decide the final price.  Miscellaneous items ( $4.00 or less ) are not registered and do not need to be listed by you on your catalogue sheet. These items are subject to disposal at our discretion.  All other items are registered and reduced in price (10% ) on each monthly anniversary of the check-in date.  Our goal is  to price the items so they sell in the first thirty days.  After three  mark downs ( 4 months ), if an item has not yet sold you will then receive 50% of the last selling price.  We urge you to pick  up items that have not sold at that point due to undesirability or poor condition.  As a consignee, you will be mailed a dated receipt for your registered items.  A receipt will be sent with each payment showing which items have been sold.  The Treasure Mart has the option to drastically cut the price or dispose of any item at our discretion.


  1. Electrical and mechanical items must be in working order.  If found defective, they will be disposed of without written notice.  Small appliances will be kept for only 30 days.  This will include but is not limited to toasters, coffee makers, small radios, irons, answering machines, and telephones.
  2. Pictures, mirrors and frames are accepted at your risk. They must have wire attached for hanging and all glass must have backing and securely fastened.
  3. To be saleable, merchandise must be  CLEAN AND IN GOOD CONDITION. Unsaleable items left at the store will be disposed of at the owner’s expense.  We ask you to cooperate by checking your items carefully before bringing them to us.
  4. We do not accept dolls or toys unless they are collectible or antique. We do not accept exercise equipment and sporting goods, clothing (unless vintage), curtains, invalid chairs, magazines, OUT OF SEASON MERCHANDISE, toilet seats, florist type vases, venetian blinds, obsolete appliances, cameras, record and tape players.  If you question the saleability of an article, please call 734.662.9887.


Checks with itemized statements are mailed on a regular schedule, once each quarter (1/3 of the alphabet each month) as follows.

  • A thru H- January, April, July, October
  • I thru R – February, May, August, November
  • S thru Z – March, June, September, December

Accounts are closed on the 15th of the month preceeding payment.

Office and Check-In Hours – Mon. thru Sat. 9:00AM to 3:30PM



It is illegal to buy or sell merchandise on our property before it has been registered through our office.  If people are interested in your items, tell them to leave their name at the desk.  You would not have a sale for your items if you had not brought them to us and we are entitled to our commission.